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Our Flagstones are produced to the highest quality, each one is hand made using exquisite pigments and locally sourced, quality materials. The Flagstone is made to be strong and durable in addition to approving over time. This type of flagstone is suitable for internal and external use.

Old Stone


Old Stone flagstone is designed to look and feel as though it was made centuries ago. Its green/grey texture gives the appearance of years and years of weathering. It is an ideal choice to use to blend in with existing stone that is very well aged. The stone has a quality that brings an element of maturity to its surroundings.

Slate Grey


Our Slate Grey flagstones are a great cost effective alternative to natural slate. Very rich in colour, they will add sophistication and class to any home.



The Cotswold flagstone really sets the scene for an interior or exterior. Its creamy yellow appearance adds a fresh light tone to any application. A modern classic.

Bath Stone


This Bath flagstone really is a classic. Designed and made to replicate the appearance of Bath Stone with the added bonus of being hard wearing and very easy to maintain. Ivory in colour with a touch of clotted cream.

Warm Cotswold


Like the name suggests, this stone brings a warmth with its buttery colour. It is very universal and can be used to blend with old or new, Very mellow shades which will bring calm to its surroundings.



This rich sandy pastel toned colour is an ideal stone suitable for all aspects of flooring. The colour and style has been used for centuries and can be used for inside or outside buildings old and new. York flagstone will bring a touch of class to any application.


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